Entry 1

It's already 4 weeks into the Spring semester and I'm already drained. I've been preparing with my dance team for two showcases coming up, Chaahat and Naach Nations. I go to school, sit in class and try to learn new information almost everyday, practice, work, and when I come home I have chores waiting for me. Sometimes I don't even make it to my chores and that really upsets my mom, but she also sees how tired and stressed I've been, so I guess you would say it balances out. I'm so out of it, that I don't even make it to my bed to sleep most nights, most of the time I'm caught sleeing on the couch with my assignments laid out in front of me.

This week was a struggle on its own, I ENDED UP WITH FOOD POISONING. I mean the bright side ended up being that my professor cancelled class.... 15 minutes into the time class was suppose to start, and afterwards was when the effects started to kick in. Talk about feeling weak as ever. I ended up coming home and sleeping it all off with barely any appetite. The next day I wasn't 100% better, but I managed to attend dance practice, which was crazy of me to do.

Back to these two showcases coming up, practicing has become last minute as ever, and it has just added to the stress I already have. Some days it's hard, other days not so much, sometimes I even catch myself forgetting to take care of my own mental health and well being. I love being busy, but I also forget to live and enjoy life a little bit. Attached below is my dance team, a bunch of girls with lots of emotions, estrogen, and leadership skills that buttheads a lot of the time. But I wouldn't trade them in for anything, most of the times.

Dance Family