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Not many people I come across now a days, know about the genre called Soca. It is mostly a West Indian, Caribbean, the Islands kind of music. The genre itself is usually filled with hype, loud, fun and vibrant music. It talks about love, rum, people, family, anything and everything. The way the Soca artist speaks and sings, and sometimes even moves is all entertaining in itself. There is this event called "Carnival" that usually takes place all over the Islands, but the one I mostly know about is in Trinidad. That's where all the big soca artist go to sing and dance, and just fill the air with their joyace music. This genre is mostly a party song, but it can also put someone in a good mood to dance, or laugh. I personally enjoy soca music, and tend to listen to it everyday to 1. Give me a boost of confidence and 2. To put me in a good mood. Linked are some artist and music I am currenlty listening to:

Soca Music and Artist

Other Soca Artist are: