Take the Leap

Today is Sunday and a lot has happened, within the span of a day. I got up late, did my makeup and dressed all cute and fancy today because not only did I have school, but I also had work in the afternoon to go too. And do you know the expression, to dress cute and it will put you in a good mood if you look and feel good. It was pouring rain outside, and I am very well aware of the buses on the weekends running late. But today I was early, and made it to class on time! Going into class I had my work redone because it wasn't up to par for last weeks critiques. While waiting, someone decided to compliment me on how I looked today and I thought that was really sweet. Fastforward to our critiques and my work, I got some pretty good, and helpful critiques on how to make my work better. So my morning was just great. Some back context is that the Saturday before, I had a really shitty day, people wasted my time and I was just angry, so way to go for my Sunday morning.

Anywhos, back to this leap I am getting too. There's this person at my job who I've been nothing but friendly too, for the past four months maybe, it's always been a back and forth, "Hey boo," touching hands, smiling and eye contact kind of thing. YET we are nothing but friends. Just the other day he was wearing a tag and I made it a point to know his name. AND TODAY he did the most boldest move ever. On his way to come say hi to me, he gave me an interesting hand shake. In his hand was a paper, all folded up, and I proceeded to ask him if this was garbage. He said no, and made sure I held it in my hand. Once he left I unravlled the paper to find out that it is his number. I was mostly in awe because who would have thought. He took a leap, not knowing what he was getting into. Maybe it's for fun and games, but I haven't gotten around to deciphering what is going on. All I know is the cute guy from work gave me his number and made my day ten times better. So in all, take the leap of faith, you never know where it is going to get you. It is okay to be scared. Be the cute guy at work and give someone your number. NOT LITERALLY but you know in that context, do something bold at least once if not everyday, than every other day.